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January 24 2022

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Social Poster Pro is a very comfortable and user-friendly plugin as you don’t have to share your blog posts on social networks manually, it automatically shares all your posts on your social networks and lessens your work.

Now, you just have to write an article and it will be automatically viral on your social networks. It automatically posts your article to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Livejournal, Flipboard, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Plurk etc. 

The whole process is designed completely automatic as it posts all your posts to your social networks with backlinks. You can reach the desired audience and tell all your friends, followers and readers about your latest articles. This plugin also works with community pages and business pages too.

Posts all your articles automatically on your social networks and also new networks have been added to this plugin like Flipboard and scoop it.
It auto repost existing posts auto posting queries, you can select what image to use for the auto post, you can also set custom URLs for the post. New networks like, Reddit and

It supports Youtube, also supports Friend feed, Auto import comments from Facebook and Twitter as WordPress comments and also allows to spin messages text. 
Provides better interface, supports Dream width, supports Instapaper, and import all the comments from social networks. 

You can assign categories to all the social sites and export & import plugin settings, you can edit links by from “edit” page. 
You can post an image with your Facebook posts and also for Twitter. Supports and Plurk Google+ image posts for only PRO version. 
This plugin only promotes your apps and posts that you own. The main idea and the purpose of this plugin are to make it easy and comfortable for you to promote yourself without efforts. This plugin will only promote you and no and SNAP for WordPress.
It provides message formatting tags. You can give each social network a category. You can post hashtags and tags. Supports the Url shorteners like, and WordPress URL shortener. Automatically reposts the old posts and ability to delay posts too! All come within one package and helps you promote yourself free of worries.

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